Unique Shopper Profile

With face recognition, get a unique profile of each shopper, their past visits and purhcase behaviour.

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How does it work?

  • 01
    Face Detection
    Detecting Shoppers
  • 02
    POS Connect
    Mapping to checkout
  • 03
    Detailed insights
Face Detection

The powerful Glimpse processor detects faces of users entering and exiting your store. These faces are stored and kept ready to be matched with other faces visiting your store.

POS Connect

As the customer checks out at your POS, Glimpse maps the timing of the bill to the face present at the billing counter. Now the face has a name, phone number as well as the order history for next time.

Analytics per customer
  • Age, Gender
  • Face, mobile number, name
  • Past visits, Dwell time, Heat map
  • Past purchases, patterns, and a lot more!

What do you get?

Unique Shopper Profile

For each shopper, you get the age, gender, name, phone along with her past visits, heatmap, dwell time, purchases and a lot more.

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Shopper Analytics

Categorize customers based on dwell time, gender. Check the heatmaps of the most purchasing consumers, and their paths. Filter by gender, and a lot more!

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In-Store Targeting

Create customer segments and send them notifications when they visit particular sections of your store, or when they leave the store without a purchase.

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