About Glimpse

Glimpse uses your existing CCTV cameras, and adds Artificial Intelligence, to bring advanced customer analytics to brick-and-mortar retailers!

Powerful insights and targeting - The future of retail is here

About Glimpse

Today, e-commerce has gathered an unmatched level of knowledge about their customers and use this data to optimise their shopper experience. We at glimpse want to brings the same dynamic responsiveness of e-commerce to retail stores.

We believe in levelling the playing field with E-commerce

We provide retail with Shopper Behaviour, Unique Customer Profile as well as allow retailer to target customer segments in various section of their store

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What Our Clients Say

Retailers using Glimpse have seen up to 15% increment in revenue by optimising store operations, sales processes and marketing campaigns.

Want to know how your existing cameras can provide advanced insights and increase sales?
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